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The STANDARD + PENNY Kit is the perfect set you need to get started with B-Board with your children! The kit includes 1 STANDARD B-Board and 1 PENNY B-Board.

Available in WAKE, CLASSIQUE and SURF shape. It is easily transportable in your outings and fits well in small spaces like your car trunk. It can be suitable for everyone from the age of 10.

As for the PENNY SHAPE, it is the ideal board form for younger children who want to gradually introduce themselves to the concept of balance and weight transfer or to practice different sports.

The PENNY SHAPE is like the little brother/sister of the STANDARD Model. It is our most versatile form and best suited for all uses. Its symmetrical shape is highly appreciated by younger people and gives them a cool look that is so important;)

It is easily transportable for young children and fits well in the bedroom with all other toys. It is suitable for all children under 10 years.

WEIGHT: 1.9 Kilo (4 pounds)
DIMENSIONS: Width 30 cm (12 inches) X Length 64 cm (25 inches)

WEIGHT: 1.03 Kilo (2.3 pounds)
DIMENSIONS: Width 23 cm (9 inches) X Length 47 cm (18.5 inches)

    Our rollers are very resistant and at the same time very light. They are designed with ABS plastic tubes which are made here in Canada. They can support a maximum weight of 350 pounds (160 kilos) and 150 pounds for the PENNY Shape *.

    Our rollers are newly covered with an EVA PAD film which provides better grip for the board. This coating protects your balance board and your floor at the same time. The rollers are now washable after use. This improvement is both aesthetic and practical for the user.

    * The PENNY Shape is the children's model.

    **Our PENNY rolls are covered with a rubber coating instead that is conceived to improve the grip of your balance board. It will prevent your board from slipping on the roller. It’s important to use a yoga mat when using this roller in order to avoid dirt to stick to it.

    *** The roll is included in the price of the board.

    **** The engraving on the roll may differ from the image.

    Our balance board is a great tool to increase your proprioception, motor skills, reflexes, weight transfers and obviously your balance. When using a balance board, all your core muscles and lower body stabilizers are solicited.

    Athletes, cross fitters and yogis can discover many exercises to maximize the potential of your balance board. Take a look at our Home Workout videos created with the collaboration of our Kinesiologist and sport performance specialist, Nicolas Prud’homme

    Our boards are also the perfect complement for all board sports devotees (snowboard, paddleboard (SUP), skateboard, wakeboard, surf, wake surf, river surfing etc.).

    They are a fun and unique workout tool for hockey players too. You can watch our Hockey training videos made with QJMHL 2020 Rookie of the Year, Zachary Bolduc.

    ** All of our balance boards are unique. Your balance board may lightly differ from the image.

    Our handmade balance boards are fabricated in Canada from 100% recycled Russian birch wood for the STANDARD and PRO version. For the SWELL version, we plant 2 trees rather than one. This high quality wood is known for its combination of strength and visual appeal. This type of wood reaches the highest structural norm in the industry of construction with its rigidity and great wear resistance.

    All of our balance boards are unique. They are all cut, assembled and sandpapered by hand using our team of carpenters.

    You will be able to benefit from FREE DELIVERY in Canada *:

    * Free delivery with any purchase of $80 or more for the following provinces: Quebec and Ontario. Excepted of Îles-de-la-Madelaine.

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    United States: $50/5 Kg or 2 Balance Boards

    Colombia: $95/5 Kg or 2 Balance Boards

    Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Mexico: $96/5 Kg or 2 Balance Boards

    Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Switzerland: $105 / 5 Kg or 2 Balance Boards

    Other countries: Contact us at

    Although recommended for ages 10 or older, the balance board is for everyone else, no matter your age, or gender.

    • We highly recommend starting your first try at balance board near a strong and stable support like the kitchen counter, behind the sofa or crossway in the doorstep.
    • For better grip, use your balance board bare feet or with sneakers. Avoid using it in socks, slippers or sandals.

    Our balance boards and rolls are made for outside and inside use. They are durable and resistant therefore will last for many years. In order to maintain your equipment in good condition you should:

    • Avoid using your balance board on dirty or rough surfaces like grass or concrete.
    • Keep it inside when unused.
    • If wet wait for the board to dry before using it.