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LONGUEUR : 66 CM / 26¨

LARGEUR : 31 CM / 12¨


2 KG / 4,41 LBS

Sport adaptées:

Surf - Wakesurf - Wakeboard Kitesurf - Flowrider

Âge minimum recommandé:

16 ANS


  • The MODEL 360 is made for EXPERT who are experienced with all types of previous Balance Board. This model is use WITH A BALL INSTEAD OF A ROLLER underneath the board. This model is a NEW TYPE OF BALANCE BOARD that is made to practice your balance in a 360 degree range of motion, therefore it's much harder then all our other models. 
  • This model is suited for EXPERT BOARD SPORT ATHLETE who have ¨plateau¨ with other models and wants to MASTER THEIR BALANCE. It is suitable for all genders between 16-39 years old who wants to bring their balance to the next level. Controlling this board will improve BALANCE, COORDINATION, REFLEXES and MOTOR SKILLS in the most challenging way. This Balance Board is also great to improves your overall PROPRIOCEPTION when practicing other water board sports like SURFING. 
  • Check our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for our Model 360 videos.
  • You should ALWAYS begin next to a solid countertop with the help of your hands to maintain balance. Using your balance board on flat and clean surface is necessary for this model. Make sure to always put your first feet on the side of the board that lays on the ground when you start and LOCK THE BALL UNDER THE NOSE OF THE BOARD TO START. If you make someone try this board for the 1st time, make sure to ALWAYS hold them by both forearms.


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Prix : $29.99

Kit - PRO Model -  Roll + 4¨ BALL

Kit - PRO Model - Roll + 4¨ BALL

Prix : $179.98

Kit - PRO Model -  Roll + 4¨ BALL

Kit - PRO Model - Roll + 4¨ BALL

Prix : $179.98

blank no rack


Introducing the Eco-Friendly Balance Board MODEL 360, the ultimate tool for improving balance, stability, and core strength. Made from sustainable birch plywood, this balance board is not only good for your body, but also good for the planet. The wood used to make this balance board is sourced from wood waste generated from a circular economy, meaning it's a byproduct of other manufacturing processes and it's being used again to minimize waste.

What sets this balance board apart from others is the unique design, it features a ball instead of a tube underneath. This allows for a greater range of motion and a more dynamic workout experience. The ball provides an unstable surface that requires constant adjustments in order to maintain balance, which helps to engage more muscle groups and improve overall stability.

The birch plywood construction of the board is really durable.

This balance board is perfect for people of all fitness levels and can be used for a variety of exercises, from simple standing exercises to more advanced maneuvers such as surfing or snowboarding simulations. It can be used to improve posture, reduce the risk of falls, and increase overall stability and balance.

Take your fitness to the next level and feel good about your purchase with this eco-friendly balance board. It's not only a small step for you but also a big step for the planet, by using wood waste generated from a circular economy you are contributing to a greener future.

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