Selection of boards

Our best-selling and most popular boards are the Wake Shape and the SUP Shape
Our boards are very similar in terms of use and difficulty. The shapes are mainly aesthetic in order to offer you varied styles. The Surf Shape and the SUP Shape are asymmetrical and allow a positioning of the narrower that will appeal to the fans of board sports. Yoga Shape and Wake Shape are perfect for training since they are wide and symmetrical. They will particularly appeal to yoga practitioners and athletes who practice sports such as hockey and CrossFit. The Classique Shape is the board that will please everyone. It’s symmetrical and less wide than other shapes. It allows you to push your limits by trying different tricks. The Penny Shape is mainly for children aged 10 and under given its small shape.
All our boards are adapted to different levels of experience. If you are more experienced, just increased the difficulty of the exercises and positions you do. You can also remove the yoga mat to increase the level of difficulty.

Delivery and purchase

Yes, we offer international delivery. Additional fees are applicable depending on the country where we deliver the Balance Board. For more information, please contact us at the following email address: info@mtlbboard.com . It is suggested to find a friend with whom to buy another board to divide the delivery cost.
Delivery times for the standard Balance board are approximately 7 business days in Quebec, 7 to 10 business days in the rest of Canada and up to 14 business days in United States. Note that deadlines may vary depending the number or request we have (e.g.: Holidays, Black Friday) or times when our visibility is increased (e.g. “Salut Bonjour” or “Dans l’oeil du dragon”)
When our products are in pre-order, the delivery times are extended. We will keep you informed of a delivery date within 14 days of purchase.
If the delivery address is incorrect, upon receipt the confirmation, you must send us by email, within a maximum of 12 hours, the corrections to be made so that we can carry out the delivery correctly. Send an email to info@mtlbboard.com with your name, order number and the changes to be made. In the event that a package comes back to us because the address was incorrect or no one went to pick up the package at the post office on time, you will be responsible for paying the return and redirection cost that result. It is therefore very important to always double-check the information before completing the order.
For the customization option of the board, simply choose the option Burn your logo from the drop-down menu. Once you have received the confirmation of your order, you should simply send your IMAGE (BLACK ON WTHITE BACKGROUND) in the following file format ONLY (PDF, AI or EPS) to info@mtlbboard.com. Your image must be approved to meet quality and standards for the laser machine. The title of the email should be: Image Engraving B-Board – your name – (order number). Please note that’s there is an additional fee of 50$ per engraving and an additional 7 days of delay.
To be able to see and try our products, we invite you to visit de Points of sale section to know the location of our points of sale in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia.
We have the opportunity to offer discounts when our customers agree to buy more than 5 boards. For this occasion, you can contact us at the following email address: marketing@mtlbboard.com.
The option to purchase the board or the roll separately is not available at this time. However, the option will be available in 2021.

Information on the boards

All of our boards are hand-made here in Quebec with Russian cherry plywood, a high-quality structural wood that meets the industry’s highest standards. IN addition, we use 100% recycled wood. Our boards are compliant for indoor and outdoor use. It is best to keep them inside when they are unused.
There is no minimum age for using the Balance Board. Young children can practice B-Board ideally under the supervision of the parents in the early years. The children will be comfortable very quickly and will be able to do Balance Board by themselves. The use of the Balance Board will develop their motor skills, weight transfers, reflexes and proprioception. These are all elements that will help them in the various sports they play. In addition, we now offer the PENNY Shape that fits all children aged 10 and under. The size of this board as well as the roll are more adapted according to the size and weight of young children, which allow them the handle the board more easily.
As long as you can stand and move easily on both legs, the B-Board is within your reach. The Balance Board is accessible to all since it does not require a lot of space to practice it. The board’s stiffness ang lightness make it easy to carry anywhere. It can withstand a weight of up to 300 pounds. The Penny Shape can support a maximum weight of 150 pounds. It is very important to follow the safety rules during the first uses of the balance board since there are always risks of fall that are present. Always be very vigilant.
The best place to start doing B-Board is near a counter. The latter provides a stable support that will allow to adapt well to the movement of the board. Each board is equipped with end stoppers to significantly reduce the risk of falls during use. We also advise beginners to practice the B-Board on a yoga mat to strengthen the adhesion and slow the movement of the roll. If your board is wet, wait until it dries before using it again.
To clean them, you can pass a wet wipe. For the board, you can also use a cleaner specially designed for wood.


You have access to videos of exercises designed by kinesiologist Nicolas Prud’homme that will allow you to train at home. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, you’ll find what you’re looking for. You can find the videos on our website in the Training tab as well as on our various platforms, including YouTube.
Until health rules change, the Covid situation is forcing us to no longer allow the collection of boards at the shop to prevent transmission of the virus. Postal delivery is therefore the only option available at the moment.