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Karine Duquette - Nomad Fitness instructor

Karine Duquette - Nomad Fitness instructor

 Owner of NOMAD FITNESS & outstanding athlete 

Karine is a expert at using MTL Balance Board and developing excercices for everyone. She will be offering Balance Board classes in collaboration with MTL Balance board to help people maximize the uses & potentiel of their Board. 

Her mission is to share her passion and help others achieve their goals.
She wants you to feel better, healthier and learn something new everyday.
She wants to show you that you can train anywhere at any time.

Nomad is so much more than a word, it’s a LIFESTYLE.

Nomad means to be constantly in movement physically and mentally. Someone who adapts, learns, creates, progresses and evolves in all areas of their life.

Her love for sports started when she was 4 years old. Former gymnast, she's a passionate athlete. Over the years, she has mastered several sports including snowboarding, wakeboarding, parkour, taekwondo, boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu and calisthenics.

I am a diverse athlete who love to mix different sports and techniques to create my own style of training like Balance Board which is a mix of agility, stability, coordination, mobility and strength.  

Visit her website to learn more about Karine :)