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This is often the question we ask ourselves when we discover something we have never seen or did not know existed. You probably also asked yourself this question the first time you saw one… and the next question was surely: ¨ And what is this board for? ¨

Originally, it was called a rolla-bolla and this product has been around for a very long time, but it was never really marketed until the early 2000s. This product was found almost exclusively in circuses, fairs and the festivals. It is an entertainment tool that jugglers, acrobats and circus performers use to wow audiences in more spectacular ways by balancing themselves during their performance.

The product consists of putting your 2 feet on the ends of the board and keeping yourself balanced on the roller located under the board. The design of the product is quite simple, however its use is much more difficult to master since your center of balance (axis of rotation) is constantly moving under the board. When you use it, it's a unique and fun feeling that most people have never felt before, plus it works all the muscles in your core in a really effective way.

Warning ! The practice of B-Board quickly becomes addictive since it is a challenge that seems relatively easy to master, but which is not at all. The comparison can be made with snowboarding or skiing which become pleasant with practice and time, but still difficult to master at the start.

The name rolla-bolla lacked a lot of punch and marketing appeal compared to other board sports. We wanted a name that would make it easier to associate it with the big popular board sports such as Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Paddle Boarding, Skimboarding... It also works well since it's the perfect complement for all fans of these board sports. boards.

We then decided to rename it a ¨B-Board¨ because we wanted an easy to pronounce name and shorter than Rolla-Bolla. It is obviously also the diminutive of Balance Board in English. The name ¨B-Board¨ also gives a unique and distinct identity to the product compared to other types of Balance Board found on the market.

Now you know ¨ What is a B-Board? ¨ and ¨ What is it for? ¨

We think that with this change of name, the democratization of rolla-bolla will be done more easily beyond the borders and linguistic barriers of countries and that one day it will become a unifying sport that will be practiced all over the world.

Enjoy and Pura Vida!