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LONGUEUR : 47 CM / 19¨

LARGEUR : 18 CM / 7¨


0,76 KG / 1,68 LBS

Sport adaptées:

Improve motor skills & cognitive faculties for kids

Âge minimum recommandé:



  • The CLASSIQUE PENNY model was made UNIQUELY FOR YOUNGER KIDS. It's been designed so that younger kids could have a board size that's adapted to their height and weight so that they can easily get started with the help of their parents. These boards have stoppers under each extremities to prevent them from falling down too often.
  • This model is suited of all genders between 3-10 years old. This MONTESSORI TOY is great to develop their COGNITIVE FACULTIES and MOTOR SKILLS through autonomy and experimentation. Using a balance board between these crucial years for their development will help them improve their BALANCE, COORDINATION and REFLEXES in a fun and unique way. It doesn't take a lot of space and can be used in many different ways.
  • Check our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for inspiration 
  • It's a great way to keep them active while in one single place (example : TV, screens, room, etc.). It will help them burn excess energy and increase their focus and concentration overtime. Balance Board are also great to improves PROPRIOCEPTION while growing up
  • In the beginning, you should ALWAYS start your kid on the Balance Board with the assist of your hands. This will help them maintain their balance and adapt themselves to this new faculty their are developing. Make sure they put their first foot on the side of the board that lays on the ground when starting. If you make other kids try this board for the 1st time, make sure to ALWAYS hold them by both hands.

Classic - Penny

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Kit - PRO Model -  Roll + 4¨ BALL

Kit - PRO Model - Roll + 4¨ BALL

Prix : $179.98

Kit - PRO Model -  Roll + 4¨ BALL

Kit - PRO Model - Roll + 4¨ BALL

Prix : $179.98

Kit - PRO Model -  Roll + 4¨ BALL

Kit - PRO Model - Roll + 4¨ BALL

Prix : $179.98

blank no rack

Classic - Penny

The formClassic ModelPENNY is ideal for the youngest children under the age of 10 who learn about the concept of balance. Ideal for developing their motor skills,
Proprioception and weight transfer in order to become more agile and coordinated by growing up.

You can keep Lthe busy childrenDuring the colder seasons in the comfort and heat of your living room. It is easily transportable to the chalet or to friends. She puts herself and embarks well in the toy chest or in the cupboard.

It is a perfect complement for children who love theskateboard, THE Hockey and the soccer. Excellent tools for children with ADD or hyper activity disorder to help them with their cognitive concentration.

She iseasily transportable at the chalet or with friends. It is stored and embeds well in your car trunk or in the entrance closet. All your entourage will want to try it, you will see;)

It is suitable for All children Before the age of 10.

  • WEIGHT: 1.3 kilo (2.66 pounds)
  • DIMENSIONS: 7.5¨ X 18 (18cm x 47cm)

** We offer different board forms to offer you choice, diversity and a variety of products. Use and difficulty do not vary according to the forms.

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