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LONGUEUR : 64 CM / 25¨

LARGEUR : 31 CM / 12¨


1,7 KG / 3,75 LBS

Sport adaptées:

Wakeboard - Wakesurf - Fitness - Freestyle Balance Board 

Âge minimum recommandé:

16 ANS


  • The WAKE PRO model is made for ADVANCED person who are already familiar with balance Board. This model DOES NOT HAVE STOPPERS underneath the board therefore cannot prevent falls from happening. It is made to move more freely on the roller in order to execute tricks and maneuvers without having the stoppers in the way.
  • This shape and model is suited for ADVANCED people who wants to use it without any ¨safety net¨. It is suitable for all genders between 16-39 years old who have confidence in their skills and wish to execute some surf and freestyle maneuver. It's also great to improve BALANCE, COORDINATION, REFLEXES and MOTOR SKILLS in a fun and challenging way. It doesn't take a lot of space and can be used in many different ways.
  • Check our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for inspiration 
  • It's a great way to stay active while in one single place (ex: Living room, office / standing desk, gym, etc). Using your balance board will help improve and increase your FOCUS and CONCENTRATION overtime. Balance Board are also great to improves your overall PROPRIOCEPTION when practicing other sports
  • You should ALWAYS begin next to a solid countertop with the help of your hands to maintain balance. Using your balance board on a yoga mat is also recommended in the beginning. Make sure to always put your first feet on the side of the board that lays on the ground when you start. If you make someone try this board for the 1st time, make sure to ALWAYS hold them by both forearms.

Wake - Pro

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B-Board (Photo)


Programme d'entrainement sur planche d'équilibre

Programme d'entrainement sur planche d'équilibre

Prix : $39.99

Kit - PRO Model -  Roll + 4¨ BALL

Kit - PRO Model - Roll + 4¨ BALL

Prix : $179.98

Kit - PRO Model -  Roll + 4¨ BALL

Kit - PRO Model - Roll + 4¨ BALL

Prix : $179.98

blank no rack

Wake - Pro

The formWakeModelPRO (without stoppers) is available and designed for intermediate to advanced levels wanting to push the limits of the balance board with type maneuver'Freestyle' '.

It is not recommended for all people who learn sport.

The form wAkeEast Ideal for all plank followers. You can execute Balance Balance maneuvers in complete freedom with this model since it does not have any stops of stops (Stoppers).

It is a perfect complement for followers ofSkateboard, ofWakesurf and of  Surf. Its symmetrical shape is much appreciated by plank sports enthusiasts and fitness and functional training followers.

You can keep your surfer and surfer shape, even when you are far from the wavesShe iseasily transportable at the chalet or with friends. It is stored and embeds well in your car trunk or in the entrance closet. All your entourage will want to try it, you will see;)

  • WEIGHT : 1.9 kilo (4 pounds)
  • Dimensions: Width 30 cm (12 inches) x length 64 cm (25 inches)

** We offer different board forms to offer you choice, diversity and a variety of products. Use and difficulty do not vary according to the forms.

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