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The Balance Board, why and for whom?

The Balance Board, why and for whom?

What is a balance board?

Originally, the Balance Board comes from the middle of the circus or the exact name of the object is an ¨Rola-so. It serves as a tool for circus artists and acrobats who run in balance by making several juggling and maneuvers. The exercise represents an excellent demonstration of coordination and agility which requires a lot of concentration.

Balance Board finds its usefulness in the practice of several other disciplines and physical activities. Planche sports are a good example. The surf middle use it to work on balance and reflexes on the ground when the waves are nonexistent or when the tide is low.

What is a balance board for?

The use of the Balance Board is available in many different ways, for all levels. Balance Board is an excellent supplement of easy -to -use training. It is used to work on balance, motor skills, reflexes while soliciting the abdominal belt. This region of the body is made up of the obliques, the side, the thighs, the glutes and the abductors.

We develop our proprioception, this feeling of knowing ̈comment ̈ and ¨ou�Ses our body in the space it occupies, this direct connection linking the nervous system to the muscles of the body. With the help of a balance board, this faculty can be worked to be more effective in the practice of other sport. You can find different exercises to do at home on our website. These exercises have been developed to allow you to maximize the use of your balance board.

It's a great way to work on the stabilizing muscles of hips, knees and ankles. In the long term, these balances on Balance Board will help prevent injuries related to the practice of your sport, and allow you to have better control of your body.

Who is it for ?

Balance Board has a significant impact on the practice of different plates of boards such as skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, paddle-board, etc. Its frequent use makes it possible to sharpen reflexes and improve weight transfers in a loss of balance to finally help you better control your other boards.

Balance Board has benefits for all types of users since its practice is not only reserved for athletes. It is easily integrated into an office environment to allow people to stay active while being static in front of their screen. It is well combined with the desk ¨Standing type offices and allows people to accentuate their concentration in the execution of their tasks.

The practice of yoga can also benefit from the integration of a balance board which increases the level of difficulty and instability during certain positions. Before a game, ice hockey players use it to activate and warm up the lower body muscles while practicing their handling of the washer.

Beyond the physical and sporting aspect, it is also attributed to its use of profits for children suffering from attention disorders (ADD). Indeed, by associating the practice of the Balance Board with a simple educational activity, its attention and its concentration will focus more and will allow the child to perform brain tasks more easily.

Do not forget …

The Balance Board is easily integrated into your daily life and will allow you to move and train in a unique and fun way while working hardly your balance. However, certain precautions must be taken when you start.

Use a carpet under the roll to slow the roll and allow you to gradually adapt to this new feeling. Be careful during your first use by holding with your hands, close to the kitchen counter or on the backdrop of a couch. Insist to help those around you who want to try it for the first time to avoid a painful fall.

You are now well informed to discover this unique and addictive feeling of this eternal wave that is the Balance Board :)

Have fun !


Nicolas Loiselle