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Earth Day for many companies can seem like a great opportunity to make amends and demonstrate how much effort they are making to have a positive environmental footprint.

At Mtl B-Board, the environment has been at the heart of our business process since day one. Through our consumption choices, our desire to reuse resources, and above all knowing how to refuse opportunities that have a negative impact on the environment.

We made this choice based on the principle of manufacturing our products, i.e. the recovery of industrial waste for the design of our boards. Without knowing it, we were the pioneers of our field in the circular economy.

This unsolicited environmental awareness led us on the quest to be ever greener, we went to get certificates from Recyc Quebec via the Here We Recycle Plus program and we even received our favorites in 2021 for our initiatives.

By choosing our modes of transport and our delivery partners, we have always wanted to be a green company from design to delivery.

As a bonus we have the following corporate promise: for every board sold we plant a tree.

We want our business model to be an example for other companies, but also to encourage our consumers to do the extra to preserve our planet.

I leave you with this sentence that I read somewhere but whose source escapes me: "The earth will survive us if we do nothing for the environment, but humanity is already suffering the consequences"