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The formClassic Model STANDARD is the form of Ideal board for all board sports enthusiasts. You can easily introduce yourself to the balance safely with this model since it has arrest notices (stoppers) under each end.

The model STANDARD The best suits beginners and people who learn the balance board. It is suitable for all genres between 11 and 65 years old who want to improve their balance in a safe manner.

You can keep your body and active mind during the colder seasons in the comfort and warmth of your living room. It's a great way to strengthen All of the lower body stabilizing muscles and thus help prevent injuries.

It is a perfect complement for followers of Sports of planks, of hockey and of fitness .

She is easily transportable at the chalet or with friends. It is stored and embeds well in your car trunk or in the entrance closet. All your entourage will want to try it, you will see;)

  • WEIGHT:   1.74 kilos (3.80 pounds)
  • DIMENSIONS:   10.500 x 6 ¨ (26.7cm x 66cm)

 ** We offer different board forms to offer you choice, diversity and a variety of products. Use and difficulty do not vary according to the forms.

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    MTL B-Board Reviews